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Me + Husband + Curb-diving = Romance

5 Apr

Does that equation work for anyone else? I NEVER imagined curb-diving would be my idea of a great night but it is now LOL


Monday my husband came home from Bible study and told me to get shoes on so we could go out. I asked where we were going and he said we could drive around and see what was on the curb to see if there is anything good to redo. WHAT?!?! Yes, ladies *I* am a lucky woman!! So, we grabbed his phone (our flashlight), folded up the back seats in the swagger wagon and headed out. We found a few treasures I hope to redo in the next week or 2 – check out some of our finds below (he even took the pictures for me):

Frame: A bit beat up but nothing a coat of paint and glaze cant fix… I am thinking BRIGHT


Table Legs: These were pretty fiercely amputated so they are a bit mangled – that doesn’t turn me away…  I see some great tall candle holders.


Stool sans cushion: I think this was a cushion but I was thinking maybe a great coffee table? Add some color and some glass ontop and I believe we would have a winner!


Vacuum: Not sure what the vision is yet but hubby thought it had a cool look. Checked it out online apparently it’s a nice line of vacuum but I am still mulling over some ideas – even *I* am excited to see what I do with it!


???: Seriously, I have NO clue what this is… can anyone else shed some light? My best guess is a stand of some sort or a very uncomfortable footstool? The back is solid too but its hollow inside. I am thinking kids room, vinyl, paint and a lil magic!



Found any great curb side treasures lately? I would love to hear!! Any input on my finds – ideas or thoughts? I would love to hear from ya!

There were a few things we passed up that on second thought I wish we had grabbed but not much I can do about that now. What’s your fav curb side find?

– Jen