Chasing my dreams…

26 Mar

Its been a while since my last post. I have no real excuses just life rearing its ugly head again – its been a rollercoaster lately but I feel refreshed and back on track to chasing down my dream!


In honor of dream chasing I created a beautiful canvas as a constant reminder….


Here is what I was working with before:



And here it is after a bit of Spray Paint and Vinyl magic:



                             IMAG0033                     IMAG0039


Much better don’t you think?


(If you are interested in purchasing the above canvas is listed in my etsy shop now)


I also made a 2nd canvas for a co-worker’s birthday….


Here is the before:



And the after:



Lets just say he REALLY loved the after and laughed when he saw the before!!


Lately I hit a few really great Estate sales with the husband so I hope to have a few addl projects to share with you soon so check back!


Until then I will show you a pic of my next project in the mix… bet you wont even recognize them when I am done!




– Jen

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12 Jan

I will admit it I have a slight obsession with printables esp the motivational and cutsey ones out there!! I actually envision a wall in my room covered with colorful, framed, cutsey printables – makes me happy! So, I have read a few tutorials trying to figure out how to make my own and after much playing around I finally have my first made!

Tell me what you think I would love to hear – here it is below in 8×10 size:




– Jen

Pretty pretty desk

3 Jan

Yup its been a while!! Life has officially “happened” and taken my crafting to a full on stop but rest assured I found some energy and not only have I finished something but I even have a few other projects in the works!!

So like I said life “happened” and looks like a move may be in my near future! For people like me who have a large hoarder pile selection of projects waiting “to do” in the garage that means some have to go away.


Started with this chair which was found curb side by my sister a bit beat up and stained but in good condition and this $5 desk scored at a local thrift store – covered in fabric and some bad paint but overall good condition.


Before Chair                  Before Desk


Here is what I ended with – def made one 6 year old VERY happy!


After set     


I used a reverse stencil on the table top to add her name and a crown. I also did some extensive sanding I figured the shabby chic look really tied the 2 pieces together. For the cushion fabric I actually used an old dress found at a thrift store for 25 cents…. the best part? This whole project came in totaling less than $15 – CANT BEAT THAT!


Check out some detail shots below:


After chair close            After desk top



Hope you enjoyed the project!!

– Jen

Another busy weekend…

7 Nov

How come when I finally decide to do something everything else around me decides its going to be more important than what I have planned? I guess such is life right? Despite many objections from the things around me I actually got 2 projects done this weekend!

See below for before & after pics:

I call this the Amoeba painting – really interesting right? LOL

Amoeba painting - before        


A few coats of paint, some vinyl and a few minutes under the sander and this is what we have I obviously love this quote):           

 Amoeba painting - after  


Amoeba painting detail - after

                                              Check out the detail – you can even see some amoeba shining through!


Up next we have this beautiful wooden wall medallion. Loved the look before but not quite my style:

Wall medalion - before          Wall medalion detail - before

                               BEFORE                                                                             BEFORE DETAIL


After a few coats of paint, some verathane and distressing this went from just pretty to PRETTY AWESOME – I am loving the metallic sheen it has:

Wall medalion - after              Wall medalion detail - after

                                    AFTER                                                                             AFTER DETAIL


– Jen @ Rags2Retro


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Let there be light!

2 Nov

So it took an extra day but I promise it was worth the wait!!


If you recall we started out with these items:


stand    lamp kit

Adjustable music stand & a lamp kit


Here is the final product:


IMAG1798          IMAG1800

IMAG1801             IMAG1802

(sorry for the bad pictures had to use my phone)

I love how you can adjust the height a bit def makes it perfect for a table or desk top lamp


– Jen @ Rags2Retro

A great new Rags2Retro creation!!!

30 Oct

What do you get when you combine the following items?

1. A foldable music stand

music stand

2. A light kit

bottle lamp kit

3. A revamped lamp shade


Curious aren’t you??? Thought so!

Check back tomorrow to see the finished product!!!

– Jen

I’ve got the mooOOooOOves like MacGyver…

27 Oct

So last night i decided to take a stab at dismantling this awesome rotary phone…

Isn’t she a beauty? I def think so!

Before Phone

I decided to do the smart thing so I searched for a tutorial to get some idea of what I was in for – easy enough right? Once I had read up and I thought I was well versed I went at it removing the back first and then… my phone was nothing like what the tutorials told me of course!!! Onto plan B and since the smart choice was already taken I went for the next best thing I channeled my inner MacGyver and after some furious wrestling skilled maneuvering all was where it needed to be!

Before Phone guts

Yesterday i started on the spray painting and hope to have this baby done and ready tonight – cant wait to share the final product!!


Since they inspired my title here is my daughter’s fav song of the moment:



– Jen @ Rags2Retro