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Rags2Retro has its first space

27 Aug

I am so excited to announce that in Sept 2012 we will be opening a space in Kaboodles a new shop in downtown Denison Texas.

Below are a few sneak peaks at some of the projects I plan to have ready for the store’s soft open in Sept:


Desk & Rolling Chair


2 Blonde Wood Barstools


Globe & Stand


Night Stand/Side Table w/ 2 Drawers


Framed Canvas #1


Framed Canvas #2


Framed Canvas #3

I am working hard to get these and many more done ASAP – Check back in a few days to see the final products along with a few more projects!!

– Jen –


In process..

5 Apr

I have been pretty lazy lately which is NOT a good thing bc I have deadlines…. FOR REAL.


A friend of mine Lisa just opened this amazing shop called Junk and Jewels – if you live in the DFW area you should definitely check it out. Her shop is located in Carrollton’s downtown square right next door to Babes chicken.


(See what I mean? She is RIGHT next door literally)

Besides being located by the best chicken EVER her shop is just AMAZING! She has redone/repurposed items, some new items, jewelry, paintings, old doors, mirrors, rusted fenders… yeah a crazy cool mix of stuff. In short?

CHECK HER OUT – you wont be disappointed!


Ok back to my deadlines – she is going to let me display a few of my pieces in her store and I said I would have a few things done and delivered this weekend. Get why being lazy isn’t SO awesome? (ok ok I have a few things done but still more is always better)

Before I knew about my deadline I was working on a few items and after about 3 weeks of dragging it out I am almost done with 3 small projects – told you I was lazy! Here are the before pictures the after photos will be posted as soon as I am ALL done!! So sad…

Magazine holder

– Let me start off by saying I am kinda obsessed with the bamboo look lately so when I saw this I HAD to pick it up… I am using a lime-ish color and it looks quite fab so far.

(please ignore the horrible photo and my painting drop cloth)


Chevron vase

– This one WOULD have been done but lets just say it was a project fail the first time around… rest assured I have a new plan and am currently making it happen!

(Again, bad photo and this isn’t the color I am using just put it there to show scale)


Brass Peacock

– This lil dude is SO cool such great detail however he is missing 1 toe – but hey, we all have to have at least 1 flaw right? He is getting a coat of a great blue with some green glittery accents across that beautiful tail feather!!

(Again, bad photos… blah blah blah)

IMAG0188    IMAG0190


I will be the after photos and a few of the projects that I am taking to Junk and Jewels up ASAP.

– Jen

Chasing my dreams…

26 Mar

Its been a while since my last post. I have no real excuses just life rearing its ugly head again – its been a rollercoaster lately but I feel refreshed and back on track to chasing down my dream!


In honor of dream chasing I created a beautiful canvas as a constant reminder….


Here is what I was working with before:



And here it is after a bit of Spray Paint and Vinyl magic:



                             IMAG0033                     IMAG0039


Much better don’t you think?


(If you are interested in purchasing the above canvas is listed in my etsy shop now)


I also made a 2nd canvas for a co-worker’s birthday….


Here is the before:



And the after:



Lets just say he REALLY loved the after and laughed when he saw the before!!


Lately I hit a few really great Estate sales with the husband so I hope to have a few addl projects to share with you soon so check back!


Until then I will show you a pic of my next project in the mix… bet you wont even recognize them when I am done!




– Jen

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Another busy weekend…

7 Nov

How come when I finally decide to do something everything else around me decides its going to be more important than what I have planned? I guess such is life right? Despite many objections from the things around me I actually got 2 projects done this weekend!

See below for before & after pics:

I call this the Amoeba painting – really interesting right? LOL

Amoeba painting - before        


A few coats of paint, some vinyl and a few minutes under the sander and this is what we have I obviously love this quote):           

 Amoeba painting - after  


Amoeba painting detail - after

                                              Check out the detail – you can even see some amoeba shining through!


Up next we have this beautiful wooden wall medallion. Loved the look before but not quite my style:

Wall medalion - before          Wall medalion detail - before

                               BEFORE                                                                             BEFORE DETAIL


After a few coats of paint, some verathane and distressing this went from just pretty to PRETTY AWESOME – I am loving the metallic sheen it has:

Wall medalion - after              Wall medalion detail - after

                                    AFTER                                                                             AFTER DETAIL


– Jen @ Rags2Retro


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I’ve got the mooOOooOOves like MacGyver…

27 Oct

So last night i decided to take a stab at dismantling this awesome rotary phone…

Isn’t she a beauty? I def think so!

Before Phone

I decided to do the smart thing so I searched for a tutorial to get some idea of what I was in for – easy enough right? Once I had read up and I thought I was well versed I went at it removing the back first and then… my phone was nothing like what the tutorials told me of course!!! Onto plan B and since the smart choice was already taken I went for the next best thing I channeled my inner MacGyver and after some furious wrestling skilled maneuvering all was where it needed to be!

Before Phone guts

Yesterday i started on the spray painting and hope to have this baby done and ready tonight – cant wait to share the final product!!


Since they inspired my title here is my daughter’s fav song of the moment:



– Jen @ Rags2Retro

The time is now…

6 Oct

Tomorrow marks a memorable day…  Rags2Retro will officially have a booth at the Heart of Texas Art and Craft Fair in Plano, TX. I am to say the very least EXCITED! For 8 years i have been dreaming up this business and now i am getting off my butt and actually doing something to make it happen. YAY right? Well below are a few pieces i will be taking with me – i apologize in advance for the bad photos… 1 thing at a time 🙂

I found this great canvas at a local thrift store and just knew with a few small changes it would be AMAZING. I started by adding a little more color, one of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, a coat of white paint and finished it all up by sanding the surface for that added texture.

BEFORE:                                                                                                               AFTER:




This old rusty & dusty metal wood/magazine holder was easily transformed with a little elbow grease and Krylon’s True Blue spray paint.

BEFORE:                                                                                    AFTER:


I found a great globe at a local thrift store and my mind ran with ideas but when i saw the brass candle stick i KNEW this could be great. A little vinyl, some paints and a paint pen and here ya go. (of course i forgot the before photo but you get the idea!)

BEFORE:                                                                                     AFTER:


This chair was lonely and sad but with a few coats of spraypaint and a great pattered fabric its attracting all kinds of people!

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:


These old nightstands were dark and dusky before i attacked them with paint, glaze and some old fashioned TLC

BEFORE:                                                                                   AFTER:


Many more projects to follow but this is just a quick preview!!

–  Jen