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Rags2Retro has its first space

27 Aug

I am so excited to announce that in Sept 2012 we will be opening a space in Kaboodles a new shop in downtown Denison Texas.

Below are a few sneak peaks at some of the projects I plan to have ready for the store’s soft open in Sept:


Desk & Rolling Chair


2 Blonde Wood Barstools


Globe & Stand


Night Stand/Side Table w/ 2 Drawers


Framed Canvas #1


Framed Canvas #2


Framed Canvas #3

I am working hard to get these and many more done ASAP – Check back in a few days to see the final products along with a few more projects!!

– Jen –


In process..

5 Apr

I have been pretty lazy lately which is NOT a good thing bc I have deadlines…. FOR REAL.


A friend of mine Lisa just opened this amazing shop called Junk and Jewels – if you live in the DFW area you should definitely check it out. Her shop is located in Carrollton’s downtown square right next door to Babes chicken.


(See what I mean? She is RIGHT next door literally)

Besides being located by the best chicken EVER her shop is just AMAZING! She has redone/repurposed items, some new items, jewelry, paintings, old doors, mirrors, rusted fenders… yeah a crazy cool mix of stuff. In short?

CHECK HER OUT – you wont be disappointed!


Ok back to my deadlines – she is going to let me display a few of my pieces in her store and I said I would have a few things done and delivered this weekend. Get why being lazy isn’t SO awesome? (ok ok I have a few things done but still more is always better)

Before I knew about my deadline I was working on a few items and after about 3 weeks of dragging it out I am almost done with 3 small projects – told you I was lazy! Here are the before pictures the after photos will be posted as soon as I am ALL done!! So sad…

Magazine holder

– Let me start off by saying I am kinda obsessed with the bamboo look lately so when I saw this I HAD to pick it up… I am using a lime-ish color and it looks quite fab so far.

(please ignore the horrible photo and my painting drop cloth)


Chevron vase

– This one WOULD have been done but lets just say it was a project fail the first time around… rest assured I have a new plan and am currently making it happen!

(Again, bad photo and this isn’t the color I am using just put it there to show scale)


Brass Peacock

– This lil dude is SO cool such great detail however he is missing 1 toe – but hey, we all have to have at least 1 flaw right? He is getting a coat of a great blue with some green glittery accents across that beautiful tail feather!!

(Again, bad photos… blah blah blah)

IMAG0188    IMAG0190


I will be the after photos and a few of the projects that I am taking to Junk and Jewels up ASAP.

– Jen

Me + Husband + Curb-diving = Romance

5 Apr

Does that equation work for anyone else? I NEVER imagined curb-diving would be my idea of a great night but it is now LOL


Monday my husband came home from Bible study and told me to get shoes on so we could go out. I asked where we were going and he said we could drive around and see what was on the curb to see if there is anything good to redo. WHAT?!?! Yes, ladies *I* am a lucky woman!! So, we grabbed his phone (our flashlight), folded up the back seats in the swagger wagon and headed out. We found a few treasures I hope to redo in the next week or 2 – check out some of our finds below (he even took the pictures for me):

Frame: A bit beat up but nothing a coat of paint and glaze cant fix… I am thinking BRIGHT


Table Legs: These were pretty fiercely amputated so they are a bit mangled – that doesn’t turn me away…  I see some great tall candle holders.


Stool sans cushion: I think this was a cushion but I was thinking maybe a great coffee table? Add some color and some glass ontop and I believe we would have a winner!


Vacuum: Not sure what the vision is yet but hubby thought it had a cool look. Checked it out online apparently it’s a nice line of vacuum but I am still mulling over some ideas – even *I* am excited to see what I do with it!


???: Seriously, I have NO clue what this is… can anyone else shed some light? My best guess is a stand of some sort or a very uncomfortable footstool? The back is solid too but its hollow inside. I am thinking kids room, vinyl, paint and a lil magic!



Found any great curb side treasures lately? I would love to hear!! Any input on my finds – ideas or thoughts? I would love to hear from ya!

There were a few things we passed up that on second thought I wish we had grabbed but not much I can do about that now. What’s your fav curb side find?

– Jen

Chasing my dreams…

26 Mar

Its been a while since my last post. I have no real excuses just life rearing its ugly head again – its been a rollercoaster lately but I feel refreshed and back on track to chasing down my dream!


In honor of dream chasing I created a beautiful canvas as a constant reminder….


Here is what I was working with before:



And here it is after a bit of Spray Paint and Vinyl magic:



                             IMAG0033                     IMAG0039


Much better don’t you think?


(If you are interested in purchasing the above canvas is listed in my etsy shop now)


I also made a 2nd canvas for a co-worker’s birthday….


Here is the before:



And the after:



Lets just say he REALLY loved the after and laughed when he saw the before!!


Lately I hit a few really great Estate sales with the husband so I hope to have a few addl projects to share with you soon so check back!


Until then I will show you a pic of my next project in the mix… bet you wont even recognize them when I am done!




– Jen

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Another busy weekend…

7 Nov

How come when I finally decide to do something everything else around me decides its going to be more important than what I have planned? I guess such is life right? Despite many objections from the things around me I actually got 2 projects done this weekend!

See below for before & after pics:

I call this the Amoeba painting – really interesting right? LOL

Amoeba painting - before        


A few coats of paint, some vinyl and a few minutes under the sander and this is what we have I obviously love this quote):           

 Amoeba painting - after  


Amoeba painting detail - after

                                              Check out the detail – you can even see some amoeba shining through!


Up next we have this beautiful wooden wall medallion. Loved the look before but not quite my style:

Wall medalion - before          Wall medalion detail - before

                               BEFORE                                                                             BEFORE DETAIL


After a few coats of paint, some verathane and distressing this went from just pretty to PRETTY AWESOME – I am loving the metallic sheen it has:

Wall medalion - after              Wall medalion detail - after

                                    AFTER                                                                             AFTER DETAIL


– Jen @ Rags2Retro


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I’ve got the mooOOooOOves like MacGyver…

27 Oct

So last night i decided to take a stab at dismantling this awesome rotary phone…

Isn’t she a beauty? I def think so!

Before Phone

I decided to do the smart thing so I searched for a tutorial to get some idea of what I was in for – easy enough right? Once I had read up and I thought I was well versed I went at it removing the back first and then… my phone was nothing like what the tutorials told me of course!!! Onto plan B and since the smart choice was already taken I went for the next best thing I channeled my inner MacGyver and after some furious wrestling skilled maneuvering all was where it needed to be!

Before Phone guts

Yesterday i started on the spray painting and hope to have this baby done and ready tonight – cant wait to share the final product!!


Since they inspired my title here is my daughter’s fav song of the moment:



– Jen @ Rags2Retro

The time is now…

6 Oct

Tomorrow marks a memorable day…  Rags2Retro will officially have a booth at the Heart of Texas Art and Craft Fair in Plano, TX. I am to say the very least EXCITED! For 8 years i have been dreaming up this business and now i am getting off my butt and actually doing something to make it happen. YAY right? Well below are a few pieces i will be taking with me – i apologize in advance for the bad photos… 1 thing at a time 🙂

I found this great canvas at a local thrift store and just knew with a few small changes it would be AMAZING. I started by adding a little more color, one of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, a coat of white paint and finished it all up by sanding the surface for that added texture.

BEFORE:                                                                                                               AFTER:




This old rusty & dusty metal wood/magazine holder was easily transformed with a little elbow grease and Krylon’s True Blue spray paint.

BEFORE:                                                                                    AFTER:


I found a great globe at a local thrift store and my mind ran with ideas but when i saw the brass candle stick i KNEW this could be great. A little vinyl, some paints and a paint pen and here ya go. (of course i forgot the before photo but you get the idea!)

BEFORE:                                                                                     AFTER:


This chair was lonely and sad but with a few coats of spraypaint and a great pattered fabric its attracting all kinds of people!

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:


These old nightstands were dark and dusky before i attacked them with paint, glaze and some old fashioned TLC

BEFORE:                                                                                   AFTER:


Many more projects to follow but this is just a quick preview!!

–  Jen