Long time away…

14 Jun

To say its been a while is a bit of an understatement to say the least!!! To be honest, life has just hit pretty hard between my marriage almost ending, a back injury and a roll over accident things have been as you can guess pretty hectic. I am happy to say my marriage is in tact, my back is healing and the accident is something I am moving past! Unfortunately I did what I usually do in times of stress – I withdrew and didn’t do much that brought me joy. About 2 weeks ago I was over at a friends house where my daughter takes piano and I ended up helping making some foam monkey “swaps” for their son’s cub scout troop. Not quite my idea of a fun and satisfying craft but it reminded me how much I miss my creative outlets. Long story short, this week I went into the garage and did some looking around – I really have so many great things just waiting to be all beautified and I am going to get back to doing just that.


*IF* I even still  have any readers please know that I hope to have a few projects done this weekend so posts will get a bit more regular starting next week!


I will leave you with a few photos of our wreck….



At the wreck site



At the wrecking yard the day after (I think it looks worse in this photo than it did upside down)


My 12 year old daughter and I were super lucky to get out with minor injuries – God was in the car with us that day, there is no doubt in my head!!


Love Always!



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