Pretty pretty desk

3 Jan

Yup its been a while!! Life has officially “happened” and taken my crafting to a full on stop but rest assured I found some energy and not only have I finished something but I even have a few other projects in the works!!

So like I said life “happened” and looks like a move may be in my near future! For people like me who have a large hoarder pile selection of projects waiting “to do” in the garage that means some have to go away.


Started with this chair which was found curb side by my sister a bit beat up and stained but in good condition and this $5 desk scored at a local thrift store – covered in fabric and some bad paint but overall good condition.


Before Chair                  Before Desk


Here is what I ended with – def made one 6 year old VERY happy!


After set     


I used a reverse stencil on the table top to add her name and a crown. I also did some extensive sanding I figured the shabby chic look really tied the 2 pieces together. For the cushion fabric I actually used an old dress found at a thrift store for 25 cents…. the best part? This whole project came in totaling less than $15 – CANT BEAT THAT!


Check out some detail shots below:


After chair close            After desk top



Hope you enjoyed the project!!

– Jen


One Response to “Pretty pretty desk”

  1. Kathy January 5, 2012 at 12:06 AM #

    Awesome! I love love the bright pink.
    Lucky Brooklyn.

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