New goodies

25 Oct

I have been scouring thrift stores, garage sales and my local curb fronts non stop and have found lots of great new items that i will be working on ASAP… want a sneak peak? Of course you do!!!

New Stuff

I would have a better photo but as usual my garage studio is a MESS.

What’s all in the photo you ask?

  1. 6 canvases
  2. 2 stools
  3. Globe with brass stand
  4. Backgammon game
  5. 2 badminton rackets 
  6. 2 candle holders
  7. 2 brass grasshoppers
  8. Brass peacock
  9. Wooden wall decoration
  10. 10 fan blades
  11. 4 plastic penguins
  12. Rotary phone
  13. Table with rattan base and a heavy tinted glass top (my personal fav!)

Cant wait to get a few of these projects done for you guys to see!

– Jen @ Rags2Retro


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