The time is now…

6 Oct

Tomorrow marks a memorable day…  Rags2Retro will officially have a booth at the Heart of Texas Art and Craft Fair in Plano, TX. I am to say the very least EXCITED! For 8 years i have been dreaming up this business and now i am getting off my butt and actually doing something to make it happen. YAY right? Well below are a few pieces i will be taking with me – i apologize in advance for the bad photos… 1 thing at a time 🙂

I found this great canvas at a local thrift store and just knew with a few small changes it would be AMAZING. I started by adding a little more color, one of my favorite quotes by Mahatma Gandhi, a coat of white paint and finished it all up by sanding the surface for that added texture.

BEFORE:                                                                                                               AFTER:




This old rusty & dusty metal wood/magazine holder was easily transformed with a little elbow grease and Krylon’s True Blue spray paint.

BEFORE:                                                                                    AFTER:


I found a great globe at a local thrift store and my mind ran with ideas but when i saw the brass candle stick i KNEW this could be great. A little vinyl, some paints and a paint pen and here ya go. (of course i forgot the before photo but you get the idea!)

BEFORE:                                                                                     AFTER:


This chair was lonely and sad but with a few coats of spraypaint and a great pattered fabric its attracting all kinds of people!

BEFORE:                                                                      AFTER:


These old nightstands were dark and dusky before i attacked them with paint, glaze and some old fashioned TLC

BEFORE:                                                                                   AFTER:


Many more projects to follow but this is just a quick preview!!

–  Jen


One Response to “The time is now…”

  1. Trista October 9, 2011 at 3:27 AM #

    Saw you at the show today! I love your stuff!!

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